When your partner suffers the loss of a wanted pregnancy, you suffer too. Not only do you mourn the child you've wished for, you're struggling with how best to support your partner in her grief—and it seems that most expressions of sympathy for miscarriage and pregnancy loss are targeted toward the mother, rather than toward the couple. What should you do if you find yourself experiencing depression as a result of pregnancy loss? Read on to learn about some resources for men dealing with these issues.

What resources are available for men struggling with pregnancy loss?

Because miscarriage and pregnancy loss are now becoming less taboo to discuss in public, there are more resources available—both for men and for women—than there have been in years past.

One resource is a discussion group. These groups are available in person, but are more commonly online. There are a number of pregnancy-loss-themed online discussion boards where you can post under an anonymous handle. By discussing your grief and emotions with other men who have been through a similar experience, you may find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. These message boards are also invaluable for providing specific advice on how to handle your grief and help your partner cope with her loss as well.

Another resource is professional counseling or "talk therapy." This counseling can take place online, over the phone, or in person. During talk therapy, you will vent your feelings and thoughts to the counselor in a judgment-free zone. Occasionally, the counselor may ask you a question to help you elaborate on a specific issue that may be causing you problems. 

By taking part in a discussion group or counseling, you can be assured that whatever emotions you may be feeling—anger toward a higher power for putting you in this situation, fear or worry that future pregnancies will also end badly, or even jealousy at your partner for receiving sympathy that you've been denied—will not be judged. Simply being able to release these emotions in a safe place often goes a long way toward healing your wounds.

How can you pay for counseling?

Most employers offer some type of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that will provide a certain number of counseling sessions to an employee, free of charge. If you wish to continue these counseling sessions, you may be able to do so at a reduced fee. 

Contact professionals, such as those from Albano Fischetti Counseling, for any further information.