Once you are done having children, you might want to begin focusing on getting your body back into shape. One of the areas you might have problems with is your breasts, and this is quite common. If you have stretch marks on them and are unhappy with their shape and size, you may want to consider looking into breast augmentation and other related services.

To Change the Shape and Size

Breast augmentation is a procedure that actually involves several different things, and one of these is breast implants. Breast implants are made of silicone or saline, and both types are FDA approved. This is the procedure you can use to increase the size of your breasts, and it will also help to reshape them.

You will get to choose the type of implants, and you will get to tell the doctor the desired size you hope for with your breasts.

To Make Them Perkier

Breast implants alone are not usually enough to make breasts perkier. If your breasts are sagging and you want this changed, you will need to also have a breast lift at the same time. Breast lifts often involve removing the loose skin inside the breasts. When this is removed, a surgeon is able to reshape the breasts, leaving them firm and perky.

It is very common for women to have a breast lift completed at the same time as breast implant surgery.

To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

One common complaint women have after pregnancy is stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but they commonly appear around the abdomen and on the breasts. Stretch marks are red or purple in color, and they are caused by stretching of the skin.

While breast augmentation procedures can sometimes help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks, these procedures do not actually eliminate the marks. This is because the marks are actually signs of broken fibers in the skin.

If you go through breast augmentation and still have the marks, you may want to consider getting laser stretch mark removal services. With a laser, the damaged skin can actually be removed, and this causes new skin to grow to replace it.

To learn more about how breast augmentation procedures can help you, contact a plastic surgeon. After meeting with a surgeon, like those at Suburban Plastic Surgeon or other reputable plastic surgeons,  you will know exactly what procedures you need and what the results should be afterwards.