Retinas, next to the lenses and irises of the eye, are the most important parts of the eye. Without your retinas, you could not see anything in color, much less translate what you see to the brain via the optic nerves. If you have any problems with your vision, you should visit a health care clinic right away and have your eyes examined for these retinal issues.

Detached Retinas

This is a very serious condition. The retinas in one or both of your eyes have partially or completely detached, leaving you blind. If you seek help immediately, you have a chance of regaining your sight. An ophthalmologist at a clinic, such as Forest Hills Retina Center, can reattach your retinas through surgery, but only if the detachment is very recent. After some time, your eyes will heal and reattachment of the retinas will no longer be possible.

Cancer of the Retinas

Cancer is possible in virtually any and every part of the body, including your retinas. Additionally, untreated cancer of the retinas can spread to your optic nerves and your brain. You not only lose your sight, but you may also lose your life. A warning sign is blurry vision occasionally accompanied by a headache. It is a very rare condition, and even rarer in adults as it commonly appears in preschool children. The rarity of the disease is attributed to a genetic disorder, for which you can have your eye doctor test.


Although colorblindness is not life-threatening, it is still something you need to be aware of such that you can memorize what objects really look like. For example, if you have red or green colorblindness, you will need to memorize where the red and green lights are on a traffic signal so that you can avoid an accident. Usually, colorblindness is diagnosed in childhood or adolescence.

Diabetic Retinopathy 

Diabetic retinopathy is a retinal disease that is secondary to diabetes. Patients must have diabetes prior to discovering the retinopathy, although many patients find that they have diabetes after they have visited a health care clinic for vision problems first. If you already have retinopathy, you may be eligible for laser surgery to correct any problems with the blood vessels that connect to the retinas.

Retina Exams Help You Prepare for Your Future

If you are diligent with your annual eye exams, then you can prevent most of these retinal issues and prepare for the genetic ones you cannot stop. Sometimes it helps to know if you will become partially or completely blind because you can prepare for it in advance by applying for disability help and arranging everything in your home so that muscle memory helps you remember where everything is once you can no longer see. You can also alert your family to your future needs regarding your vision.