While assisted living facilities can make loved ones feel like they are abandoning their aging parent, family member, or spouse, the reality of such institutions is that they are often the most well-equipped living space for the elderly. Especially for those whose parents or aging loved ones are battling illnesses like Alzheimer's or dementia, assisted living facilities can offer not only peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the care that he or she deserves, but that they are receiving around-the-clock monitoring so that no heart murmur or shortness-of-breath goes unnoticed. But assisted living facilities really do offer so much more than just a place to live. This article outlines what life is like for residents, and some of the amenities that such communities offer. 

Life As A Resident 

As a member of the community, your parent or loved one is afforded a great many things that other living arrangements often cannot provide them with. These include basic human rights like the ability to live with dignity and respect, something that many older individuals complain they no longer have when they travel to grocery stores or other public places. As an added bonus, many communities offer to do their residents' grocery shopping for them. 

Many facilities also offer residents a greater degree of freedom in their life than they had living with family members or close friends. As guardians, we tend to think of the elderly in our life as fragile and in constant need of supervision, but the fact of the matter is that, though quirky at times, aging adults are really not that different from any other age group and desire and enjoy freedom just as much as, if not more so, than younger generations.

Modern assisted living facilities allow residents to interact with people they meet inside and outside the community, and residents are more than welcome to house overnight guests when long time friends or family come into town. 

Of course, for those who require it, these communities do offer assistance with day-to-day necessities such as bathing, dressing, dining, and other chores. And for those individuals living with physical or psychological conditions, this kind of support can really mean a lot. 

Some Of The Amenities

For those who call the community home, life is full of all kinds of events and a seemingly never-ending social life. The large majority of assisted living facilities offer a varied assortment of recreational activities including golf, tennis, and more sedentary activities like sewing and card games. Personal laundry service is often available, as are services like housekeeping and transportation. 

Additionally, those who live in such communities often have access to free exercise regimens, as well as educational activities including classes in foreign languages and introductory computer science courses for those with a interest in computers and technology. In fact, mobile technology is actually one of the primary tools facilities use to help treat those residents with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Overall, assisted living facilities like Harbor View Home can actually serve as an uplifting and energizing transition for your aging loved ones, despite belief to the contrary.