As your pregnancy increases the amount of weight you carry, your back may begin to ache more frequently. Taking an over-the-counter pain medicine is often not an option for expectant mothers who want to ensure the best possible outcome for their pregnancy. Here are some natural ways to ease or avoid back pain during your pregnancy.

Wear insoles.

If your job requires you to stand or walk for long hours, your shoes may be contributing to your back pain. The heel height and general structure of your shoes can negatively impact the overall alignment of your body. This impact is magnified during pregnancy because the way you hold your body is already changing.

Insoles can help correct your alignment. There are several kinds of insoles available at national drugstore chains, including ones that are gel-filled. You may have to experiment with different kinds before you find the perfect ones for you.

Add pillows to your bed.

Since you spend about eight hours sleeping each night, poor sleeping position can greatly impact how your back feels when you awaken in the morning during your pregnancy. When you sleep on your side, the additional stomach area weight pulls downward due to gravity. This one factor can shift your spin out of alignment and lead to you waking with painful backaches.

Adding pillows to your bed and using them in the correct way can help to ease back pain. A very soft, small pillow placed underneath your baby bump while you sleep on your side will help keep the weight from pulling your body out of alignment. In addition, an extra  head pillow placed between your knees will ease pressure on your lower back by keeping your hips properly aligned.

Use adjustable chairs.

The office chair you've used for years with no problem may not be suitable during your pregnancy months. You'll need extra lumbar support while you're carrying the extra tummy area weight in front.

Switch your office chair, if need be, to one that has multiple adjustments. Choose one with comfortable lumbar support. Also look for adjustments such as a back that moves forward and backward. Some chairs also offer seat angle adjustments that tip forward or back, which can help reduce back strain.

Though some back pain is inevitable during pregnancy, you shouldn't have to suffer so much that you're in agony. If you need more advice or a spinal adjustment, you may wish to contact a representative from Valley Chiropractic.