Warts are never fun. They can be painful, embarrassing, and distracting for both children and adults. In order to make sure that your warts are totally removed, you are going to want to go to a dermatologist. However, the wait for a dermatologist can be long, so if you need immediate relief from your warts, consider these treatments that you are able to perform at home.

Use Wart Removing Acid

You can go to pretty much any drug store and purchase wart removing acid. The acid will peel away layers of skin and eventually take the wart with it. To use this product, purchase a pack of bandages that have a padded area where you can apply medication. Put the acid on the padded area, and then apply the padded area to your wart, fastening the adhesive so it doesn't move around. Change the bandage once a day, but don't ever let the wart air out. You want to keep the acid application as constant as possible in order to get rid of the wart in the shortest possible time.

If you notice when you change your bandage that the wart isn't going away at all, wash and dry the wart. Then, use a nail file to increase the roughness of the wart's surface. Roughing up the wart will allow the acid to be more effective. Then, reapply the acid and the bandage.

2. Try Duct Tape

If you don't have time to go to the drug store, consider using the duct tape that you have lying around the house. This will take longer than the acid but is still effective. Cut a piece of duct tape that is able to go around the part of your body that has the wart. If the wart is in an area that has a lot of hair, consider shaving this part of your body in order to reduce any future pain. Apply the tape to the wart and wrap it tight, being careful to not cut off your circulation. Because duct tape is such a strong adhesive, you can leave this tape on for several days without changing it, even if you shower during this time. When you pull off the tape, you'll pull off the top layers of the wart. Continue applying and removing tape until the wart is gone.

3. Use Vinegar

Finally, you can apply some vinegar to a cotton ball and then press the cotton ball to the wart for a few hours each day, using tape to hold it in place. Vinegar has acid that will peel away layers of the wart.

Although home remedies can sometimes alleviate warts, the best option is to call a local dermatologist, like Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists. A dermatologist can remove warts safely, compared to some home methods of removal.