There is no single decisive reason to make the final decision to move into a senior living facility, but instead, there are usually a collection of small signs that add up over a short period of time. The following are a few of the most common indicators that a move could be the best choice, whether you are trying to make the decision for yourself or for a loved one.

Sign #1: Health Issues

This can range from slow recovery to chronic health conditions that you can no longer manage effectively on your own. If your recovery time from common ailments, like the cold, has become slow or if you small illnesses are developing into bigger problems, like bronchitis or pneumonia, due to an inability to self-treat effectively, a senior living facility can be a wise decision. The same is true for chronic health conditions that are impacting your ability to care for yourself. At an assisted care home, there will be medical techs or nursing staff available around the clock that can help oversee and manage your health care.

Sign #2: Accident Concerns

As people age, their ability to balance and react quickly wanes. If you have been falling at home or have simply had a few close calls, it may be time to move to a facility where you aren't alone. A fall alone may only result in a minor injury, but the difficulty comes when you try to contact help or get up on your own. If falls have become a major concern, consider moving into assisted living.

Sign #3: Daily Activity Difficulties

These can range from dressing and hygiene, to cooking or managing the bills. If the day-to-day activities that are necessary for a functioning lifestyle and home are becoming too much, then it may be time to move into an assisted living facility. The level of care depends on your needs and the facility. For example, if you only need minimal help, such as home maintenance or meal service, an independent living facility with onsite services can work well. If more care is needed, such as hygiene and bathing, then a nursing home or full-service assisted living facility is a good option.

Sign #4: Shrinking Social Circles

If you are a social person, the shrinking circle of friends as you age can have a major impact on your mental health. Feeling lonely or spending vast quantities of time alone can be hard if you are naturally drawn to social interaction. Moving into a senior facility gives you access to clubs, social groups, and even activity groups that may do things, like travel, outside of the center. It can improve your social life and your quality of life.