If you want to work in the medical field but do not want to take years of schooling, such as to be a doctor, there are many areas you can work in. Below are two careers that require less schooling, but still allow you to be happy with what you do.


A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) allows you to provide basic health care services to families. What your job responsibilities are depends on where you work. Some things you may do include taking the vital signs of your patient, assisting them in bathing, eating, and other activities, helping patients go from their bed to a wheelchair, applying bandages, and dispensing medication.

How you become a CNA depends on the state that you live in. Before you start any kind of training, check with your state's local regulations. You can find CNA training programs in community colleges, online training programs, institutions like the American Red Cross, and vocational schools. How long the program lasts depend on how you receive your training. It generally takes approximately 4 to 12 weeks.

How much you make working as a CNA depends on where you are located. The top 10 percent of CNAs earn more than $36,170. How much you make, however, depends on where you work and where you are located. Contact a local CNA school, such as MedStar Academy, for further assistance.

Medical Scribe

You do not require any type of schooling to become a medical scribe. In the past, physicians could focus on caring for their patients. There are Electronic Health Record (EHR) used now, which creates clerical responsibilities and a lot of documentation. Because the doctor is likely much too busy to handle this extra work, they hire a medical scribe to do it for them. Working as a medical scribe, you will do things like perform documentation in the EHR, gather information from each patient's visit, and help the physician in providing the best patient care. 

To become a medical scribe, you should obtain the Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT). This will certify that you have the right qualifications. According to the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists, you have to have 200 hours of clinical employment to become fully certified, uncles you are a certified Paramedic, Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, or Practical Nurse. 

Currently, the average salary of a medical scribe is approximately $12.09 per hour.

Both of these careers will work well for you if you are the type of person that loves to help people.