If you have a loved one that is starting to have a more difficult time getting around due to aging, then you want to be proactive and make sure they have what they need to maintain their freedom. You also want to take extra steps to make your home a safe environment for them so they can continue enjoying their daily routine. Consider following the advice here to help them stay happy, safe and as independent as possible.

Consider having a walk-in tub installed

When a person starts having a hard time navigating their way around the house, the bathroom can become one of the most dangerous rooms for them. If they take baths, it can be extremely difficult and dangerous for them to climb in and out of the tub. Also, it will be challenging for them to scoot down to floor level to take their bath.

You can help create a much safer and more comfortable bathing atmosphere for them by having your regular tub taken out and installing a walk-in tub in its place. They can open the door in the side of the tub, step right in to the bathing area and sit on the elevated seat which also has a non-slip surface. Once the door is shut, it will keep all the water in so they can bathe. To wash their upper portion, they can use the convenient handheld showerhead.

Install a stair lift

For two story houses, a stair lift can be a very helpful addition when a family member can no longer safely navigate the stairs. The stair lift goes all the way from the bottom of the stairs to the platform at the top. This allows your loved one to be able to maintain their freedom by continuing to enjoy the entire house, rather than being confined to one floor.

Get them a medical bed

A medical bed can also be helpful for someone who can't get around as easily as they used to. The head of the bed will raise up to the sitting position and this makes it a lot easier for them to get up and out of the bed. It also has adjustable rails on the sides to keep them from accidentally falling and that help them to pull themselves into different positions.

Invest in a wheelchair

Even if your loved one isn't wheelchair bound, getting them a wheelchair can be very helpful for those times when they are having a bad day and aren't getting around very well. If their equilibrium is off or their muscles are extremely week from time to time, they can turn to the wheelchair to get around without an increased risk of falling and injuring themselves.

These changes are going to help you give your loved one some of the help they need to continue about their day without feeling as if they have to struggle to do everything.

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