Dealing with an aging parent in your care who is showing obvious signs of hearing loss may not always be as easy as just getting their hearing checked and making sure they get hearing aids. If your parent has a stubborn mindset about the situation, you may have day after day of struggling to adequately communicate with someone who claims they can hear just fine. If you have an aging parent is adamant about the fact that they don't need hearing aids, but you know they do, there may be a few things you can do to prove to them that their hearing loss is real and they should check into getting hearing aids.   

Get your hearing checked with your parent.  

Some elderly people can be in utter denial about their hearing loss even though you tell them otherwise. They may believe that their hearing loss is nowhere near as bad as you claim. But, one way to make sure they can actually see how different their hearing is from yours is to have a hearing test performed with your parent. During the visit, you and your parent will be given a hearing test at the exact same time and they will be able to see what you are hearing that they cannot. 

Explain how much you miss their communication. 

People who can't hear well really do miss out on a lot in general conversation. When conversing with several people, they may never hear half of what is said and if they are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, a lot of people will just talk less. Make it known to your parent that the primary reason you want them to get a hearing aid is so you can see them communicate with everyone the way they once did and stop missing out on conversations. 

Finding the root of the stubborn reaction about hearing aids. 

Adults do not just have a stubborn attitude about getting hearing aids for no reason; there is always some root cause that is causing your aging parent's reaction. They could feel like hearing aids are a surefire sign that they are getting old. Perhaps, they are under the impression that hearing aids would be uncomfortable to wear or visible to the world around them. Finding the root cause of your parent's stubborn reaction will help you be better equipped to sway them toward getting hearing aids in the end.