If you were on bed rest at the end of your pregnancy and you ended up with a C-section that leads you to spend more time in bed, there are some potential hazards you want to worry about. Your body doesn't always function at 100 percent when you are in bed for a prolonged time, and your heart may not be able to pump blood efficiently. You want to talk with your obstetrician and even your family doctor about the risks of developing the following, and how you're supposed to treat these problems.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

When you were sitting in bed there could have been blood that pooled in certain areas around your body. This can lead to blood clots in the body, and the blood clots can spread to the heart, lungs, brain and other organs and can lead to life-threatening health complications. Prolonged sitting and bed rest will increase your chances of developing this type of condition, and you want to go over the signs of having a blood clot before you leave the hospital and in your post-operative appointments. You may need to find a specialist if clots are found in the body.

Welts and Sores

Welts and bed sores that start out as a simple skin irritation or abrasion can turn into damaged skin, sores and can get infected quickly. If you notice any of these areas are starting to change color or have a discharge, or that they are spreading, you want to get the areas checked out. Special ointments and antibiotics may be needed, along with dressings for the areas.

Muscle Failure and Weakness

Are your muscles so weak that you can't perform regular tasks without getting fatigued or having problems? You need to start a physical therapy regimen sooner rather than later to make sure you can resume normal activities, and you may need ultrasonic treatments to help stimulate the muscles in the body.

These are issues that can't be ignored after you have a C-section and you are trying to recover at home, and with professional medical help you can try to get your body back to normal as quickly as possible. Recovering from the surgery alone can be difficult after you have the baby, but these additional problems and concerns can prolong your recovery. Don't hesitate to see a medical professional or to get in home treatment if you have these concerns. Contact a business, such as the Elite Vein Centers, for more information.