Are you a student athlete who has been diagnosed with a knee condition? Perhaps your doctor has told you that at some point you may need arthroscopic knee surgery performed. This news may have caused you some concern, and you may be wondering what to expect if you need to have the procedure performed. The following are a few points that should put your mind at ease and prepare you for the surgery if your doctor recommends it in the future.

The surgery may be a minor operation rather than a serious one.

Unfortunately, knee injuries happen to some student athletes. It does not necessarily end their chances of playing sports, and in some cases, the surgery may actually prevent further knee damage. If you are an athlete, there may be some downtime as far as returning to your sports participation and practices.

Additional therapy is not needed in some cases.

Some people may require physical therapy after their surgeries. This is a determination that will be made by your surgeon. Perhaps you have concerns about getting back to being active as soon as possible. A number of people heal and do not require physical therapy. If there is minimal swelling and you are able to mobilize, your surgeon may give you instructions to perform your own therapeutic techniques at home, which should have minimal impact on a busy lifestyle. Kneecap massages and exercise are examples of exercises that you may be advised to do.

Be mindful of blood clot risks.

After your surgery, it is important to get up and stretch or walk regularly due to blood clot risks. You may feel like you need to be sedentary, especially if you feel pain or see swelling. Your pain medications may also make you feel as though you want to sleep and lie down, but not getting up can cause serious post-operative issues.

Postpone travel until your surgeon clears you.

Canceling travel plans or game attendance might be an inconvenience to you if you have a busy lifestyle, but it is wise to take this precaution. Even though many arthroscopic surgeries are simple, the fact that they are surgeries means that there are clotting concerns, especially if you try to travel a long distance. If you must travel, ensure that you get out and walk to reduce the chances of a blood clot forming. Also, be mindful that if you are still using pain medications. You should not drive because it is dangerous and illegal. 

An arthroscopic surgeon is a good resource to use to better understand the risks and benefits of knee surgery. Contact a group like Framingham Orthopedic Associates to learn more.