If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you may think treatment involves popping that little blue pill each time you want to perform in the bedroom. But while popping pills that prompt a speedy erection is one approach to ED treatment, it is not the only approach. If you would rather have more control and be able to get an erection naturally when the mood strikes, there are a few other treatments you should explore.

Testosterone Replacement Pills

When you suffer from ED, it really is wise to have your doctor test your testosterone levels. You may not be making enough testosterone, and this could be causing your ED -- or at least making it worse. If this is the case, taking testosterone replacement pills on a daily basis should make it easier for you to develop erections. You may also be able to kiss some other symptoms, like gynecomastia and emotional instability, goodbye.

Blood Pressure Medications

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with high blood pressure, so it's important to have your blood pressure tested if you suffer from ED. Taking medications to lower your blood pressure should make it easier to obtain an erection. At first, you may need to combine these medications with traditional ED pills, but over time, you may ease off on the use of ED pills as your blood pressure comes down. Keep in mind that exercise and eating a low sodium diet will also help lower your blood pressure and therefore promote better erections naturally. 

Yohimbe Bark

If you would rather take an all-natural approach, one herbal supplement to consider is yohimbe bark. This bark has been used for centuries in Africa to treat ED and to promote overall health. You can find yohimble bark supplements in most health food stores. Generally, you will need to take a dose of the bark each day, as well as an extra dose when you would like to "perform" later. It does not stimulate an erection directly, but it should make it easier to achieve one when the mood strikes.


If you would rather not take any pills or supplements at all, consider seeing an acupuncturist for treatment. By inserting tiny needles in the skin, they can redirect the flow of energy through your body, focusing it more on your male organs. It may take several treatments to see an effect, and you can combine this treatment with any of the others listed above.

If you would like to take erectile dysfunction pills, contact your doctor.