As a pregnant woman, going to get an ultrasound is an experience you will remember forever. In a way, it's the first opportunity to get a look at your child. If you will be going to an ultrasound appointment to find out the gender of your baby, you are no doubt excited, but it's important to prepare properly to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips that might help you.

1. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

When you get an ultrasound, the doctor will likely as you to lower your pants and lift up your shirt or might even give you a gown to change into. In other words, this is not the time to show off those cute but tight-fitting jeans you just purchased. Wear clothing that is stretchy and elastic so that you can quickly remove things to make the appointment easy for both yourself and the doctor.

2. Hydration Can Help

Once you are dressed appropriately, it's time to move on to hydration. Did you know that it's actually easier for the doctor to see your child's genitals if your bladder is full? Contact your doctor for further guidance if needed, but in general, there's no such thing as drinking too much water before an ultrasound appointment. Start drinking at least an hour before your appointment and take a bottle of water with you for the car ride over.

3. Do You Want to Find Out Later?

A gender reveal is a precious moment that can be shared with your spouse or other loved ones. In some cases, one parent might want to know immediately, but the other parent might want to be surprised. If so, explain this to the doctor, and he or she can take appropriate precautions. They could for example just write down the gender and put it in a sealed envelope, never verbalizing the results. You could then use this envelope to plan a gender reveal party with family and friends. At the very least, it will allow one parent to learn the gender while the other waits until the birth if that is what you want to do.

Going to an ultrasound appointment to find out the gender of your baby is an exciting time. To ensure success, make sure you prepare by putting on the right kind of clothes and hydrating as much as possible. If you have specific instructions for the gender reveal, make sure you communicate with the doctor ahead of time.

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