In the service of the nation, members of the armed forces can often endure physical and emotional traumas that leave considerable wounds even after they get discharged. If you have a veteran in your life who appears to be struggling in some way, you'll understandably want to offer some help. While there are many ways that you can help, one option is to consider what types of medication may be applicable to the issues that the veteran is facing. Medicinal cannabis has a long list of uses, and it may be suitable for the veteran in your life. You may wish to discuss this product with the veteran so that he or she can ask his or her doctor about it. Here are some areas that it could help.


Many veterans experience some degree of post-traumatic stress disorder, especially if they've experienced active combat and have seen their peers' lives end. PTSD had a lot of troubling symptoms, from causing trouble with sleep to experiencing depression-like feelings for long stretches of time. Many people use cannabis products to deal with the difficult symptoms of PTSD, and the veteran's physician may deem that this type of product could be the right one for the veteran.

Back Pain

It's possible that the veteran is dealing with some type of back pain, given that this sort of pain can arise from a number of causes. For example, if the veteran was injured in combat, or even during a training exercise, he or she may be dealing with the lingering effects of a bad back. Medical cannabis can have positive results in dealing with back pain, and many patients take it in a number of ways — as a tincture taken orally, for example — as a way of lessening their back pain to allow them to experience more mobility.

Muscle Issues

It's also possible that the veteran could be dealing with various muscle ailments, including spasms. Muscle spasms might not seem like a major concern, but the reality is that they can highly disruptive and make it difficult to function during a number of everyday tasks. The veteran may wish to experiment with medicinal cannabis as a way of controlling these spasms. If he or she can use this substance to reduce the severity of the spasms or their frequency, it may feel as though the veteran is regaining much of his or her life.

For more information, talk to your doctor or visit a cannabis dispensary near you.