Building a client base can be one of the toughest parts of being a chiropractor. You could offer the most precise adjustments in town, but if customers do not know and recognize your name, your business won't be a success. In addition to the standard ways of advertising — hanging up a nice sign, creating a website, and printing ads in the local paper — here are four ways to expand your clientele as a chiropractor.

1. Publish a blog.

Create a chiropractic blog on your website! Each week, post about a different topic related to chiropractic care, or even general health. You could offer commentary on new studies that are released in chiropractic journals, offer readers tips for managing headaches without pain relievers, and so forth. Readers of the blog will be happy to have the information, and they'll come to see you as an authority on health. When they need treatment, your name is the first they will think of.

2.Sponsor local races and athletic events.

Athletes — even casual ones — require chiropractic care more often than the average individual. If there are any local sporting events, such as road races or soccer games, in your town, offer to sponsor the event. Usually, this will just involve you donating a certain item or a certain amount of money, in exchange for having your business name printed on the event shirts, signs, and other materials. Everyone who enters the event or spectates will see your name and think of you if they need care.

3. Partner with a massage therapist.

As you know, massage and chiropractic care generally go hand-in-hand. Talk to massage therapists in your town, and see if any of them would be willing to partner up in the same building. Moving your business could be a big endeavor, but it could also double your clientele. You could send chiropractic clients in need of massage to the massage therapist, and they can send you clients who could benefit from your services.

4. Offer something extra.

Find a unique service you can offer that sets you apart from other chiropractors in the area. This could be cold laser therapy, nutritional therapy, or something entirely different. Customers will begin seeing you in search of that custom treatment and then begin visiting for other care down the road.

With the tips above, you can expand your client base and find more customers as a chiropractor.