Hemorrhoids can be painful and embarrassing, but there are several options available for treating the symptoms of hemorrhoids at home or removing hemorrhoids surgically or non-surgically. Non-surgical options include banding, sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, electrocoagulation, and Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair (HAL-RAR). Each of these methods have various benefits and drawbacks. Below are some questions you should discuss with your doctor before choosing a method. 

Recovery Pain 

Getting rid of hemorrhoids should ultimately reduce your pain. However, some of the popular removal methods may aggravate your symptoms for several days or weeks while you undergo treatment. Banding is known to be efficient and long-lasting, but a more painful option. Similarly, sclerotherapy may cause pain or pressure for several days after the procedure. On the other hand, coagulation treatments usually result in little pain or discomfort, and HAL-RAR is virtually painless. 


Depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids, you may have to go in for more than one treatment session. Usually, sessions are spaced a week or more apart to give time for the first treatment to work before the second procedure is performed. Banding and sclerotherapy often require multiple sessions. 

Chance of Hemorrhoids Returning 

Banding and HAL-RAR are the most efficient long-term treatment options for hemorrhoids. With either of these options, you are less likely to experience hemorrhoids after a full treatment. Sclerotherapy often keeps hemorrhoids away for a couple of years, but they may eventually return. Coagulation methods may be quick and cause little pain, but there is a higher chance of your hemorrhoids returning within just a year of treatment, so you may need to repeat the treatment or choose another method sooner than you would have to with other methods. 

Availability of the Procedure

Not all doctors are trained in each method of hemorrhoid removal. As an example, HAL-RAR is a relatively new procedure and is more complicated than the other methods. This means it may be more expensive and more difficult to find a specialist in your area who can perform the procedure. More popular methods such as banding and coagulation are likely to be less expensive and readily available in most locations. 

Before choosing a non-surgical method for hemorrhoid removal, it is important you discuss your expectations, needs and desires with your doctor. Discussing each of the above factors will help you make an informed choice about which method is right for you. Find out more from a clinic near you like The Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic.