For many people, looking for a new way to incorporate Botox into their lives is a great way to improve youthfulness and provide a subtle lift to one's appearance. You are not alone if you have considered different injections for the area under your eyes.

So, should you consider Botox injections under your eyes? Here are a few things you should consider first.

Botox Treats More Than Wrinkles

Botox is used to address specific issues that impact the eyes and the area under the eyes. So, you may use Botox to treat crow's feet and other wrinkles near the eyes. If your eyelids appear droopy, Botox can also be a viable solution.

Botox can be used to treat asymmetrical features of the face as well. Not only can Botox correct the symmetry of the eyebrows, but treatment can also address the asymmetry of the area under the eyes and the lids. This can even out your appearance.

Botox Needs the Right Space to Work

Keep in mind that Botox is not the same as a dermal filler. Botox requires an injection into a specific area for you to see a difference. Botox works by reducing the ability of a muscle to contract. It blocks nerve signals so that muscles cannot unconsciously leave your face with wrinkles and small marks. For this reason, Botox is not always the best solution. Your provider will help you choose between Botox and other options.

Botox Requires Treatments Every Few Months

If you want to get Botox around the eyes, you may find that it lasts longer than you thought it would. In some cases, people only need Botox treatment around their eyes a couple times a year to see lasting results. Your provider can help you decide when your next treatment should be.

Botox May Be Used With Other Methods

Next, it is important to consider the role of Botox as it relates to other techniques. For instance, you may find that Botox smooths creases and treats asymmetry around the eyes, but you may still need help treating wrinkles around the mouth. A dermal filler may be used for this section of your face, but the procedure creates a cohesive look.

Talk to a Botox Provider

If you want to learn more about getting Botox in specific parts of your face, it would be helpful to talk to a provider like Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC. You can ask questions and better understand how treatment can work for you.