One of the requirements that you often see when investigating body contouring processes is the requirement that you be not only in good physical health, but in good mental health as well. Given that the procedure is done on your body fat and not your brain, this may sound odd. But your mental health does play a substantial role in how you react after a procedure like body contouring.

The Doctor Needs to Know that Emotional Eating Isn't a Thing With You

The last thing you want after undergoing successful body contouring is to gain weight again. A few pounds isn't a worry, but you don't want to gain a lot as that would undo the body contouring work. Stress eating, boredom eating — no matter what you call emotional eating, it can quickly pack on pounds. The better you're doing in terms of your mental health, though, the easier it can be (not always, but it can be) to control your emotional eating.

You Have to Be Able to Handle the Changes

Body contouring can be subtle, and it can also be very obvious if you have a lot of it done. The increased attention you get and the type of attention you get can be very different from what you experienced before the procedure, and you have to be able to handle these changes. Plus, significant body changes can be kind of disorienting if you've struggled for years with weight loss and toning. The better you're doing in terms of mental health, the easier handling those changes will be.

You Should Not Be Doing This Under Pressure

People who are generally healthy in both a physical and mental sense can be subject to pressure just like anyone, but if your mental health is not really that great, you could find it harder to push back against pressure to do something you don't really want to do. Knowing that you're in good mental health indicates that you're likely not being unduly pressured by other people to undergo the procedure. Because this is a fairly permanent change to your body, you need to be willing to undergo it on your own, and not because your family, partner, or employer is pushing you to do it. If you are under pressure from others, please let the doctor know so they can halt the pre-surgical process.

Body contouring procedures like Smartlipo are fairly simple to recover from, in terms of physical recovery. Emotionally, you need to be in good shape to begin with so that any emotional effects pass swiftly.

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